What is certification?
A certifi­cate or a quality mark shows that some­thing meets certain require­ments. These can be, for example, safety require­ments or sustain­abil­ity require­ments. A certifi­cate is a written state­ment stating that a product, process, service, person or quality manage­ment system meets certain require­ments. Certi­fi­ca­tion bodies issue these certifi­cates after a posi­tive exam­i­na­tion (audit).
Why do I need to certify?
A certifi­cate gives confi­dence. Trust in your prod­ucts, services, (manage­ment) processes and employ­ees. With your certifi­cate you demon­strate that your orga­ni­za­tion works effi­ciently and safely, that you control the work and work processes and that you strive for sustain­abil­ity. This way you can reduce risks, improve the quality of your orga­ni­za­tion and reach more satis­fied customers. [see bene­fits]
What is a Data Center Certifier
  • = Commer­cial Third Party
  • DC processes/installation audits
  • Issues a ‘part certifi­cate’ per process
  • Issues DC certifi­cate after last process certified
  • Figures reported by DC Data Aggre­ga­tor are correct
  • Is meta-certi­fied by Save Energy Foundation
What is a Data Center Data Aggregator
  • = Commer­cial Third Party
  • Collects data from DCs
  • Aggre­gates data into stan­dard­ized reports 
    • To govern­ment agencies
    • Commer­cial parties
    • Within the limits of law and regu­la­tion, ensur­ing the confi­den­tial­ity of DC
  • Is meta-certi­fied by Save Energy Foundation
What role does a data center fulfill 
  • = Leading player as center of energy consumption
  • Primary target for certification
  • Primary bene­fi­ciary of certification
  • 3 processes – with possi­bly differ­ent actors executing 
    • Instal­la­tion
    • Oper­a­tion
    • Data collec­tion and reporting
  • DC is certified 
    • On comple­tion all 3 processes
    • Submit data to certi­fied DC Data Aggregator
    • Result­ing in the correct numbers
  • Can be certi­fied by various DC process certifiers

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