Types of certificates

SIC stands for Server Idle Coefficient. This is the ratio of a server's IT Workload to the server's energy consumption.

This Server Idle Coef­fi­cient (SIC) can be measured and gives a good idea of ​​the extent to which a CPU of a server is active or not. If the CPU (almost) does not perform any tasks, we call this ‘idle’.

The SIC can be expressed in two ways:

  • as a coef­fi­cient: a value between 0 and 10
  • or as a percent­age between 0 and 100%

If a server’s CPU is idle half the time process­ing an IT work­load, the coef­fi­cient is 5. Expressed as a percent­age, we speak of 50%. Both numbers there­fore provide the same infor­ma­tion, but presented in a differ­ent way.

What exactly does this mean? There appears to be no direct rela­tion­ship between a server’s IT work­load and the amount of energy that server uses. This means that if the SIC of this server is 5, half of the energy consump­tion of the server is there­fore not used for an IT work­load. In other words: 50% of the amount of energy that this server uses is not used for the tasks for which this server is actu­ally intended: ‘running’ IT workloads.

De Data center Idle Coëf­fi­cient (DcIC) is het verhoud­ings­ge­tal voor alle servers bij elkaar in een data­cen­ter. The Data Center Idle Coef­fi­cient (DcIC) is the ratio of all servers together in a data center.

The SIC and DCIC are based on the Covenant of Recog­nized Energy Measures of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate. This arrange­ment came into effect at the begin­ning of 2022.


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